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Around 5pm ET today, the weblog passed 100,000 page views according to Sitemeter. It took 9 months since I got my own domain and switched to Movable Type. I understand that some weblogs get more traffic in a day.

In other news, Valentine’s day was very good for traffic statistics. I got a lot of hits for “Valentine Poem.” So much so that this post is now the 2nd most popular of this weblog in the past month.

I have also made some small changes to the weblog. One is the listing of the appropriate categories for each post. This is just to remind Jonathan that he promised to do that on his weblog some time ago.

There are also links to the “about” pages for the authors as well as pages listing all the posts by a specific author on the right sidebar.

If you have any questions whose answers you would like to be on the “about” pages, feel free to ask.

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