Kucinich at Tech

Democratic Presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich had a rally at Georgia Tech on Feb 10. I didn’t get a chance to attend. But here is a report from the campus paper.

A delayed flight, however, pushed back the featured speaker’s first showing until around 8 p.m., a little over an hour after the rally began. Still, this did not stop the roughly 250 supporters packed into the Old Architecture lecture hall from rising to their feet to give Kucinich a loud welcome, complete with cheers and hoisted posters.

There was no lack of activity while the crowd waited, either. The rally played host to an entire program, complete with an emcee and multiple speakers and poets. All gave performances or speeches aimed at promoting Kucinich’s platform and criticizing the Bush administration. Musical performances by local band a fir-ju well were interspersed among the speeches throughout the evening. “I was glad to see how many Tech students were here,” said Tim Atkins, Georgia coordinator for Kucinich’s campaign. “We were originally expecting more community people than Tech people, but it was just the opposite.”

While many came to shout their support for Kucinich, others came just to learn more about the candidate or even just to be at a political rally in a presidential election year.

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  1. This sounds a lot like a rally that Kucinich had at the University of Washington last November. I thought it was great to see some of the students getting a chance to display their creativity and talents. Plus I enjoyed the speech, of course.

  2. Madison is flooded with Presidential candidates. Dean is in and out, Kerry and Clark were here yesterday, and Edwards is coming tomorrow. Oddly, I haven’t seen Kucinich yet.

  3. Al-Muhajabah: I was actually surprised at such an elaborate program at Tech. We are a small (15,000 students) campus and I didn’t expect anything more than a speech from Kucinich.

    Brian: You guys are having a primary in a few days. Plus I would say UW Madison is bigger and more politically active than Tech. We are mostly engineers here and so it’s a somewhat conservative campus.

  4. Howdy…this is Tim Atkins who organized the event last spring…thanks for the good word 🙂 We worked our collective asses off to make it more than just a speech and make it more of an event…glad to see it was appreciated 🙂

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