Tall Tales and Hopeless Causes

I have seen only a couple of movies recently. A friend and I wanted to see The Passion of the Christ today but it was sold out. Instead we saw The Last Samurai. it’s an ok movie, but is entirely too predictable. There wasn’t a plot point I couldn’t predict in advance. That becomes tiring. Another problem I had with the movie is that it was unable to make me root for the underdog with the “hopeless noble cause” of the samurais. Ken Watanabe was good as the Samurai chief Katsumoto while Tom Cruise was just Tom Cruise.

Big Fish was a better movie. It was based on the idea of a dying father who likes to tell tall tales about his life. The myths and legends confuse his son but in the end help him understand his dad. It is an interesting premise and was fun, though the ending wasn’t great. But I am not sure if there could have been a great ending for this movie.

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  1. Seven Samurai

    A samurai movie classic, Seven Samurai, is fun to watch despite the bad print of an oldie. Seven samurai get together to defend a village against bandits. The movie is worth watching. I rate it 8/10.

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