This is just a test to see if I can make this weblog bilingual with entries in both English and Urdu . Don’t worry this weblog will still be mostly in English. Urdu is my first language but this is my first time typing in Urdu…

اردو زبان میں بلاگ

This is just a test to see if I can make this weblog bilingual with entries in both English and Urdu (اردو). Don’t worry this weblog will still be mostly in English. Urdu is my first language but this is my first time typing in Urdu.

There are quite a few things I need help with.

  • First of all, if you notice any problems like gibberish or misaligned text etc. please let me know.
    • UPDATE: RSS feeds have misaligned text because of the right-to-left issue. I have no idea how to fix that. Is there anyone who knows more about RSS who can help?
  • If anyone knows a better way to write Urdu unicode than to try each key on the keyboard to find the appropriate character, please let me know. The OS I am using is Windows XP.
    • UPDATE: This is still my biggest problem.
  • When I publish my entry, the Urdu characters change to the unicode HTML entities in the edit screen. That makes the editing of Urdu posts very difficult. Is there a solution to that? Please note that I am using Textile 2 formatting and have set the character set for my weblog to be UTF-8.
    • UPDATE: Fixed by setting NoHTMLEntities to 1 in mt.cfg. Will that cause any other problems? Ampersand, smart quotes, em dashes etc.?
  • Right now, I am using <p style="text-align: right"> to align the Urdu text to the right (since it’s written from right to left). Is there a better way? How would I put that in CSS? Also, what if I want an Urdu word in the middle of a paragraph in English or vice versa?
    • UPDATE: I have created an urdu class in my CSS and use p[ur](urdu). using MT Textile. I still do want to make it simpler. Also, I am using %[ur]Some Urdu words% for Urdu text within an English paragraph. I need to create similar stuff for English as well.
  • Also, which fonts can I use for Urdu? Which ones are better looking? Which ones are more likely to be installed on my readers’ machines?
  • See how the commenter names in Urdu are misaligned with the numbers and the brackets. Is there any solution to that?
    • UPDATE: Fixed. It was being caused by the text direction issue. The brackets had an ambiguous direction. They could be left to right if in English text or right to left if in Urdu text. Since the brackets came at the boundary of the change in language, they were somehow being interpreted as in right to left direction. I fixed it by putting <span dir="ltr"></span> around them in the template.

Umair, you are the pioneer in Urdu weblogs. I need your help here.

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  1. Asalam o Alaikum , i need help . im a home user , i like to design urdu poetry in Photoshop . i use inpgae for urdu typing then eport text in PS and make diffrent styles on it . but i saw many diffrent urdu text style on magazines , signboards , in news papers . how can apply those font styles in inpage we have few fonts . one thing more how can i WRAP urdu text in PS . plz help me .

    thank u


  2. Zia: If you have Windows XP, then you don’t need inPage. You can install Urdu support and use any of the available Urdu fonts instead of being limited to the inPage font.

  3. salamz!

    I have heard about the softwares which allow to type in urdu but i have never used one. Can you please give me information about it where can i get it from and what is the software called. Moreover is it possible to download the software from internet for free??????, even if its just the trial version, please let me know..

  4. If I donwload urdu font from website, it doesn’t work in InPage, what can be the problem? Anyone can tell me. I will appreciate.

  5. Asalam O Aliekum…

    i have Windows XP and i also install Urdu language.. but when i try to type some thing in urdu in flash (for urdu animation) its not working… it write in this form ” alif bey pey etc” means evry chracter single and seprate not like urdu.. like if i want write Faisal in urdu… it will be like ” Fey ye suaad laam” i hope u understad… wat shuld i do …. can u plz tell me…….

  6. Jameel: You can buy InPage.

    Faisal: AFAIK, Flash doesn”t support Urdu properly. You might have to use InPage and import Urdu content from there to Flash like this tutorial shows.

    Zulfiqar: What operating system do you have? If you have Windows XP or Vista, then you can install Urdu support on your computer. After that, you can write Urdu in Yahoo Messenger or MSN Messenger.

  7. hi

    my name is Ali just i want one software for use to urdu fount in my computer plzz tell meeeeeeeeeeeeee

  8. 5 Years of Blogging

    It has been five years since I started blogging. Over time, my blogging has become more sporadic, but I plan to continue. So today here are some statistics about my weblog.

  9. I have try many time to install the urdu phonetic keyboard on my pc but it is not working I think that the reason behind this is that my pc have two operating systems in c drive we have windows 2000 and in d drive we have windows xp. is it right?? please guide me about it.

    Thanking You

    With Regards


  10. sir i want to type letter in urdu so i need urdu software,please tell me how to get urdu free software

  11. Samdani: If you have Windows 2000, XP or Vista, you don’t need any software for typing in Urdu. Just enable Urdu support on your computer using the instructions here.

    If you want an Urdu text editor, you can download one.

  12. how can i translate a sentence or a paragraph from English to Urdu ANd/OR Urdu to English. Please let me know if there is any website available to do so.

  13. I am using Vista and want to install urdu phonetic keyboradlayout. I have tried som downloads but these dosn’t work. Please guid me in this matter.

  14. hi pplz friends im just chilin here i got your problem urdu ma friend in pakistan he made a site umeedain.com we can help u you ppl can mail me afzaal74@yahoo.com be happy

  15. Asalam-O-Aleikum……..
    I am a softwre developer i wont to develop a urdu supported softwre plz. give me idea how can i manage database in urdu languge and tell me stylish urdu font name or link and urdu software……
    Khuda Hafiz………
    Nafees Ahmad

  16. plz give me the software name for urdu writing on video.like that write on drama and films example producer and director name in urdu

  17. I am having Windows Vista Operating System on my computer. Now I am in need of Inpage Urdu Software for my Computer. Kindly help me to get Inpage Urdu Software installed on my Computer.

  18. hi
    my name is muhammad irshad i am web designer.i am designing website in dreamweaver. one of my friend is using urdu language in website i asked that please tell but he refused it to tell me he want to keep it secret. can you please tell me how to paste or write urdu.
    i am also downloaded urdu unicode-UTF 8
    but i don’t know how to write in urdu
    please tell me if you can

  19. Assalam-o-alaikum
    Tamam doston ko invitation hai ko Hazrat Gohar shahi Imam Mehdi key mutaliq information Hasil karney k liye visit karein.www.goharshahi.com
    Thanx to all of you,and may Allah bless you.

  20. I have got windows VISTA OS on my PC.Now i am in urgent need of inpage Urdu software just now.Kindly help me to download it as soon as possible..

  21. hi i have a problem typing urdu in msword…….after few lines the words alignment is disturbed and i dont know why the words also shifts to its desired place changing the meaning of the sentence.

    if any body know the solution to it please send me the solution…..


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