Home Networking and Digital Camcorder

I need some advice/suggestions on two matters. I have Verizon DSL at home. It uses PPPoE. We have 2 desktop computers and one laptop. I am thinking of connecting them in a network so that files can be shared and we can also access the internet through any machine. I am not sure whether to… Continue reading Home Networking and Digital Camcorder

What’s in a Name II

In my previous post thinking about a name for our baby, I mentioned a website for Muslim names. Now, what exactly is a Muslim name? Let’s take a look at a few websites listing Muslim names. Most of the names on these sites are Arabic names with some Persian and a few Turkish names as… Continue reading What’s in a Name II

Pakistan: Whither Democracy?

Via Chapati Mystery, I find out that Patrick Belton of Oxblog has written a 3-part series on Pakistan and democracy at Winds of Change. It’s definitely an interesting backgrounder for people who want to know more about Pakistani politics. Chapati Mystery adds his own thoughts on the topic. I have a few quibbles and additions… Continue reading Pakistan: Whither Democracy?

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Fourier Transform Song

Now, you can enjoy music and learn signal processing concepts at the same time. Here are the lyrics to the song Table 4.1: Properties of the Fourier Transform. Integrate your function times a complex exponential It’s really not so hard you can do it with your pencil And when you’re done with this calculation You’ve… Continue reading Fourier Transform Song


A year after President Bush declared major combat operations over in Iraq, the war in Iraq has finally ended. In case you don’t know, the US lost. Also over is my brief and very skeptical love affair with Sharon. If Likud voters want Greater Israel, they’ll not only get it, they’ll live to regret it.… Continue reading Over