USCIS Efficiency

It took a month to happen for Amber. That was two years ago. I had to wait 2 years and 2 months for the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services to do what was just a printing job. During those two years, I had to visit the INS/USCIS 5 times, instead of the one visit it should have required. I had to get up really early in the morning and wait in line all day long. Add all the stress and worry and the phone calls I had to make to the USCIS and it becomes quite a lot.

The most frustrating part is that this was not about adjudication of an immigration petition. It was a simple printing job. At first, I thought I was special, that I was the only one in this situation. But then everywhere I looked, in internet forums and at USCIS offices, I saw people in the same predicament as me.

USCIS officers knew for 1.5 years that there was a problem on their end. But no one fixed it until one officer decided to do something 2 months ago. Their customer service is so bad that it always seemed like they were blaming me for the blunder. They never seemed to believe me until I showed them all the paperwork. Not once did anyone say “I am sorry, our department messed up.”

By Zack

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  1. So, in July 2004, you got the document that you should have received in May 2002 ! You can call yourself lucky. There may be some still waiting to receive it.
    Working of the government functionaries in all the countries, whether developed or under-developed, is the same.

  2. i cant help agree to what has been already said. i dont know why all these officials and the rest who are on a seat of authority try to assert their authority in a negative sense by not doing what they are supposed to do_help people.

  3. While government bureaucracy all over the world is quite inefficient and unhelpful, INS/USCIS is special among the US bureaucracy because it doesn’t really affect citizens.

  4. INS/USCIS is special among the US bureaucracy because it doesn’t really affect citizens.

    Yes, and not having to deal with this agency is the most important benefit of citizenship.

  5. never have i felt the blame ,the curse , and or the stigma of being an arab , a Muslim did not i file the petition to become a permanent resident with USCIS .

    i had been were and still am morally tormented as a result of sheer bureaucracy of CIS , BUREAUCRACY that has put a halt to our life in the united states of America .Me and my wife have been waiting for our petition to be approved for three years now, never were able to spot as to why it has been taking this long unusual processing had not we contacted the office of the honorable john kerry,
    the office of the honorable congressman Tim Murray, and the ACLU local office in Boston .

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