Anglo-Sikh War Journal

Sepoy of Chapati Mystery has started posting the journal of an anonymous subaltern from the second Anglo-Sikh war in the Punjab in 1848-49. It should be interesting reading.

Some historical background is available here.

Sepoy promises another journal from the 1857 war of independence/mutiny later. Fascinating!

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  1. Cool. I love it when people post historical documents and diaries blog-style. There’s a blog out there (I forgot the URL!) that’s a 10th Century Japanese woman’s journal. She lived in the Imperial Court and has lots of observations on the royal intrigues and goings-on. It was very interesting—too bad I forgot to bookmark it!

  2. Thats wonderful. I love reading anglo-indian history. Have some material myself on 1857. Would like to post on my blog sometime.

  3. Dad: I think this journal was published in Britain at the time. But it definitely would provide some new info and perspective to me.

    Asparagirl: Historical diaries are so cool. I’ll have to search for that Japanese woman’s journal.

    Asif: You should post about it.

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