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I have 6 Gmail invites. If you want a Gmail account, leave a comment with a valid email address or email me.

UPDATE: The original 6 are gone, but I got some more invites. So if you want an account, let me know.

UPDATE II (Nov 9, 2004): All the invites are gone!

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  1. GMAIL blows!! Yahoo! mail is really the tried and tested email! People 4get about Yahoo! so easily cuzz “google” is the in thing. Google aint all that!

    – Ali

  2. It would greatly help me with the lots of mails I receive daily. My mail box is always full at no time.

  3. I am desparately interested to be invited for one google mail account as the 2MB hotmail account can’t hlep me with some picuturs and large files. Please let me know if I have a chance.


  4. KY Lee: If you want a Gmail account, you’ll have to give me your correct email address. The one you entered in your comment does not work.

  5. I am a programmer and I need gmail for testing some software – even if you dont have any invitationsd left then kindly email me. it would be great to do this testing.

    best regards,
    Alin Faur

  6. I’m sure I’m too late, but if you have any invites left, I’d really appreciate one – thanks!

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