Presidential Debate

Bush’s message today:

میں ڈھیٹ ہوں۔

In my obviously biased opinion, Kerry did better than Bush. But I don’t think any one of them convinced many undecided voters.

Now I am waiting for the Daily Show with Jon Stewart treatment of the debate.

By Zack

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  1. بش کا ڈھیٹ ہونا میرا خیال ہے لکھی پڑھی بات ہے۔ بس انتظار اس بات کا ہے جب خود ان کو یہ پتا چلے گا۔

  2. These days, most talked about leaders, oh sorry, not leaders, rullers are Bush and Mush. Having seen their working for the last 4 – 5 years, I am becoming surer that democracy does not exist any where on the gloge. It is only name and all depends upon how tactfully it is manipulated by the powerful.

  3. it was amazing. midway through the debate, once the “on message” slogans ran out, it was a debate between john kerry and PORKY PIG!!!!!!
    uhum, i would like to uhum, say that, uhum, i would still, uhum, invade iraq, umhum , umhum , uhhhhhhhh, even though they do not have weapons of mass distruction, no al queda, no connection to 9/11, uhmmmmmmmm.
    bedep, dedep, dedep, i’m going to get that waskally wabbit.
    this is the dumbest president that i have ever heard in a debate.

  4. On the table before him were spread mangoes, plums, oranges, melons, pears, poison apples, grapes, pomegranates, every kind of fruit.

    “So,” asked the voice, “Would you rather have a red apple or a green one?”

  5. Presidential debate was ok.Bush seem to be annoyed during the debate and he was repeating the points again and again.Nationwise Its not like we are just listening to Bush.I mean everyone have seen him as a president in past and what he did everyone is aware of that too.False Judgments and Wrong Intelligence.Nation being led to war on false grounds (WMD) .What I want to say is he has no right to be a president again. More clearly he is not capable of runing the country. Although what he is doing for terrorism I will praise that.But I think the next president will do that too with solid facts and figures.
    I am also waiting for a treat-up in Jon Stewart show.Let hope it will be funny.
    1st time @ your blog.
    Its good

  6. Taking as neutral a perspective as possible, I think the first debate proved a minor victory for Kerry. Bush used a devastatingly effective line of attack. Namely, he used Kerry’s vote for the Iraq resolution and subsequent reversal to undermine his opponent’s claims to offer superior judgment. This was, however, his only effective argument.

    Kerry raised concerns about the president’s inability to neutralize al queda and its murderous leadership, and in so doing, he inserted the domestic outsourcing theme, which I hope he will use to good affect in the remaining debates. He reminded listeners of Bush’s brash rush to war. He used thin-skin humvees and body armor shortages to highlight the administration’s post offensive planning failures in Iraq. Kerry even managed to produce a plausible explanation for his Iraq resolution vote near the end. With these and other withering counter strikes, Kerry managed weaken and finally break Bush’s sole, effective rhetorical defense.


    The evaluation and selection of a leader is a difficult process. While I believe the best available leaders (Clark, McCain) did not make the final cut, it’s clear that the choice is not between red and green poison.

    Of course, one can always simplify the situation by depriving the people of political choices. One group could claim divine inspiration, slaughter the opposition and impose draconian fuedal laws – Taliban approach. Perhaps, one could follow the narco-marxist lead in South America. There, violence and economic dominance of a subsistance economy keep political power in the hands of drug cartels. Of course, I prefer not live in either place. Do you?

  7. Captain, in the unlikely event that any casual passers-by should need this clarification, I am not now and have never been a supporter of either Clark, McCain, or any of their ilk.

    I would like to see the US move toward democracy and rule of law, with the goal of having a legitimate claim to statehood and sovereignity, however I regret that this is not probable.

    In my opinion, it would be in the best interests of ordinary residents of the US were the warlord syndicate to voluntarily cease aggression, disarm, and face justice, rather than having same imposed externally.

  8. Assalamo alaykum w.w!

    LOLZ! Yeah the best suitable word for Bush …! He is behaving like Dheeths for quite a few horrible yrs now… May Allah free us all of Bush’s blessings !

  9. Asif: I don’t think he’ll ever find out.

    Dad: The powerful do always manipulate, but there is still a big difference between, say Pakistan and the US on the democracy front.

    DuctapeFatwa: I don’t think the difference between Bush and Kerry is so little as you make out.

    I would like to see the US move toward democracy and rule of law

    You sure you are not living in some bizarro-world?

    Usman: Thanks for visiting. Jon Stewart had some treatment of the debate on thursday night (their first live show), but I am expecting a better one on monday.

    Asma: That’s the first impression I got from his repetitive statements in the debate.

    Amazingly, none of the non-Urdu speakers on this thread have asked what the Urdu text in the post means.

  10. Ductape:

    I am going to give you the benefit of the doubt.

    Please, briefly explain your interpretation of “democracy” and the “rule of law.” Please, also include an example of a country that most closely conforms to your interpretation.

    Who or what is the “warlord syndicate”?


  11. DuctapeFatwa: Your first link is to a picture of an injured Iraqi kid, but the URL contains the word “genocide”. That is so over the top, that I don’t know what to say.

    I can’t access your second link, but it seems to be a photo from the Israeli-Palestinian conflict based on the URL. Now, what that has got to do with the US being a democracy or not, I have no clue.

  12. Not sure about the technical glitch with the pic, but in any event, I understand that my comments, as well as the links to the images were inappropriate to post here, and I will not do so again.

    I did not realize that you are a supporter of US activities in Iraq and Palestine. It was an honest mistake.

    Thank you in advance for removing my comments from your blog.

  13. DuctapeFatwa: You are jumping to conclusions and assuming too much. I have opposed the Iraq war from the very start.

    And I have no clue what US activities are in Palestine.

    Your image links were indeed off-topic.

  14. I understand that it is not uncommon for internet posters to “troll,” for instance, go to the #switzerland channel and type “CHEESE SUCKS” several times.

    That was not my intention, on the contrary, as I have previously stated, my posts on your blog were made as a result of an honest mistake, and I will appreciate very much if you will kindly remove them.

  15. Ductape is an example of Neo-Libs! The people who just want to oppose any thing; And if Kerry wins, with these supporters he and democrats will be in a deep trouble.

  16. Mike: DuctapeFatwa is most definitely not a neoliberal. Here is what neoliberalism is:

    A political movement beginning in the 1960s that blends traditional liberal concerns for social justice with an emphasis on economic growth.

  17. my bad! Thanks for the definition.
    Any way, if Kerry wins, with these supporters he and the democrats will be in a deep trouble.

  18. Mike: DuctapeFatwa specifically calls Kerry a “poison apple” and you still think he’s a Kerry supporter. Very strange!

  19. Quite frankly the weapons of mass destruction may not have been found but are there. Any of you ever went to the beach and dropped a quarter. Go swimming and come back and find that quarter. Now multiply that beach by 100 and make the quarter a nuclear weapon. Understand now? There are 2 types of people one who can deliver a lot of bull and another who has useful info but isn’t that great at delivering speaches.

  20. Andrew: Today of all days, I am speechless about your comment. There are no facts it seems which will shake your conviction.

  21. WMD in Iraq = Lost Coin at Beach

    There are times when a comment on one of my posts is so worthy that it needs to be lifted from the comments section and reproduced as a blog post for a wider audience. I think Andrew Hughes qualifies: Quite…

  22. WMD in Iraq = Lost Coin at Beach

    There are times when a comment on one of my posts is so worthy that it needs to be lifted from the comments section and reproduced as a blog post for a wider audience. I think Andrew Hughes qualifies: Quite…

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