URL Alphabet

Via PhotoDude who got it from Reecie, here is an interesting meme.

Type each single letter of the alphabet in the address bar of your browser and list what the auto-complete function pulls up first.

Here are my results:

A is for Amygdala.
B is for Brian’s Study Breaks.
C is for Crooked Timber.
D is for David Appell.
E is for Electoral Vote.
F is for Fowzi.
G is for Gene Expression.
H is for HijabMan’s Blog.
I is for IsThatLegal?.
J is for J. Brad DeLong.
K is for KO.
L is for Letter From Gotham.
M is for Michelle.
N is for Nielsen Hayden, Teresa.
O is for Orkut.
P is for PhotoDude.
Q is for QuickFacts from the US Census.
R is for Rambling Monologues.
S is for Site Meter.
T is for Talking Points Memo.
U is for Under Progress.
V is for Validation Results.
W is for Washington Monthly.
X is for Xanga site of Barsaat ke mausam.
Y is for Yglesias.
Z is obviously for ZackVision.

I am a bit surprised that almost all of these are blogs.

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3 thoughts on “URL Alphabet”

  1. Most of mine is different but Zackvision.com came up for Z and the W3 validator for V. I got the census website not for Q but for F, for FactFinder.

    A lot of mine are tech sites from a recent search I was doing for information on RSS aggregators. But I do have some blogs and news sites in there too.

    This is an interesting one.

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