North Georgia Pictures

A friend and I went hiking on Christmas day to the Woody Gap, just north of Suches, GA on Route 60. It is an enjoyable, easy-to-moderate hike. Fortunately I am not a seriously practicing Muslimah or hiking would not be for me.

Anyway, better late than never, here are some photographs.

Blood Mountain Wilderness
Is this ice?
A view of North Georgia mountains
Air bubbles frozen in ice
Frozen water on the ground
Frozen Waterfall
More Frozen Water

And here are two panoramic views from the trail. Both were generated from the same set of six photos taken at the same settings but without a tripod.

The first one was generated from the Photomerge feature of Adobe Photoshop Elements 2.0. In my experience, Photoshop Elements does not do a very good job as it does not have lens models and such.

Panoramic view of Georgia mountains using PSE

The second one was automatically generated by Photovista Panorama. I was disappointed by the quality of its output here. In some ways, it is better than the Photoshop one, but there are still too many artifacts.

Panoramic view of Georgia mountains using Photovista

Which one do you think is better?

By Zack

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  1. I am delighted to see the result of Photovista. I never used panoramic imaging as the problem looked computationally very expensive, and complex as well. And to know that you did it without a tripod, wow.. I am sure going to try.

  2. I don’t think my comment popped up. Oops. I think the bottom one is better for depth and clarity but the top one is for color and hue. I guess there are some nice spots in Georgia… i think i need to get out more especially since we all now know that i am not a “seriously practicing muslimah”

  3. Asif: Panoramas are fun, though one does need to buy a good software. Right now, I am trying out Photovista. It’s easy to use but I am not impressed.

    Renee: That’s the thing, one picture is not better in all ways.

    I guess there are some nice spots in Georgia

    There definitely are. Once spring arrives, we would be going regularly to North georgia and even North Carolina/Tennessee.

  4. I think that I saw this post earlier but without panoramic views. Am I grown too old or have started day-dreaming ? (Ha Ha Ha)

    I commend these panoramic views. I was an amateur photographer as student and in my young age. We had only black & white photography in those days. No colours, no videos, no computers. I used to combine several photos manually to create a panoramic view. Blieve it, that was a very difficult task which all had to be done in the dark room having special dark red light of low lumination. Sometime it used to take me many nights. (in the day, I had to attend my college and do studies)

  5. Dad: Was that a couple of days before Sunday? I did test-post it for a few minutes then.

    Panoramas have become easy and good because of digital cameras and software nowadays.

    Renee: Will do.

    Reid: North Georgia is good for camping and hiking, definitely. Well except for the summer.

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