Urdu Domain Poll

We are thinking of getting a separate domain for all the Urdu-related stuff we are doing. Help us decide on a domain name by voting for your choice.

We are thinking of getting a separate domain for all the Urdu-related stuff we are doing. This would include the following:

Help us decide on a domain name by voting in the poll below.


If you don’t like any of the choices available, feel free to suggest any others in the comments.

UPDATE: The poll would close on Friday, May 13.

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17 thoughts on “Urdu Domain Poll”

  1. Please cross these names of the list: urdukainat.org, urdublogs.org, urdusphere.org, urdu-e-mualla.org – they are just not right. This one is the worst: urdugalaxy.org.

    I voted for urduweb, as I that is the easiest to remember/type – urdudunya is also nice but there is a chance for misspelling it etc. Since the domain name will have to be in english – don’t use roman urdu as everyone has their own different spellings in that.

  2. I voted for Urdudunya and it said that I had already voted. It may have happened because I had seen the results first.

  3. “urdugalaxy” seems better … i have voted … [and it won’t let me vote again]!!

    urdu e mualla is the older version of urdu … the one having loads of persian words used commonly in times of ghalib … not the urdu written today!

    [to the best of my knowledge!!!]

    [by the way, why don’t u do anything to show smileys on ur blog:) just asking]


  4. Zack: Have you already looked at any of the content-management systems. I have seen that Mambo is highly popular. I may actually download it and give it a try.

  5. Kianoush: Thanks for the suggestions.

    KO: I happen to like urdudunya. Thanks for your suggestions. urduweb is good and simple, but a bit too generic.

    Dad: That shouldn’t have happened just because you saw the results. May be someone else at home had already voted?

    Asma: I have just been too lazy about smilies. May be soon.

    Nabeel: I haven’t seriously looked at anything yet, but we do need to do so soon. I’ll post about what we need to do on Urdu Blogging.

  6. Zack: There is already a kind of a portal here which is based on Drupal or a modified version of it. The Urdu localization does not look good.

  7. I agree with KO that most of these Domains are just not right. It is not about choosing something attractive. A domain name is like an identity of a website. We should also consider the keywords people would be using to search. We are not offering information about dunya, sphere, glob, etc. I don’t think that people looking for information about how to setup an Urdu website would search for Urdu Nigar, Urdu dunya or Bazmeurdu. They would most probably look for Urdu+Web, Urdu+unicode, Urdu+Editor, Urdu+Blog,etc.

    We are offering advise on setting up an Urdu blog but I think that we are actually trying to make Urdu popular on the web. That is why we should use UrduWeb. Choosing a domain name is like chosing a brand name for your product, it should be catchy, easy to remember, accesible and above all it should describe the product itself.

  8. I think http://اردو.com will be a great idea…..

    Is it possible?

    besides I tried putting the %% marks around the urdu in the url, but it was displaying it as it is.

    maybe URL’s arew not parsed as urdu?

  9. Danial: urduweb it is.

    Sunny: URLs are not parsed for styling.

    The URL you suggested is neat, but already taken. At this point, supports for IRIs is not universal, so I would stay away from them. This may change in the near future.

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