Michelle at One

Michelle is one year old today. After Michelle went to sleep yesterday, we decorated the apartment for her birthday party. The three of us were the only ones at the party since we decided it would a hassle for Michelle to be dressed up with all the party stuff etc. with so many people around. Almost all birthdays for 1 year olds that we have been to overwhelm the kid.

During the last few months, lots of things have happened. Michelle now prefers to eat food herself though her proficiency varies from food to food. She crawls very well and walks from one end of the room to another with some kind of support. In fact, it’s more like psychological support than physical as a lot of the time she’s just touching the “support”. But she refuses to walk by herself for now. Michelle is also a climber. She climbs on to the couch and the coffee table and off of them as well. She even tries it on our bed but that is too high for her.

Michelle talks quite a lot but most of it is Michelle-speak. It does seem that she’s speaking whole thoughts and sentences. She says a few words as well. Her first word was آ جا, which means “come here” in Urdu. Her second was “fish” which she said while pointing to the pond that we walk by every day. She also says “bye bye” and both Amber and I are her “ma” or “mama”.

Seriously busy
That's another way to move
Walking Outside
Looking at Amber
Does she want to get out?
Doesn't need anything to pull herself up
It's a Ghagra, I think!
Snacking by herself
A chocolate fan
Nice stuff hidden here!
Drawers almost done!
Now sit in the chair
Is that a ghost?
Tightly-packed books won't budge

The party photos will have to wait for later.

Author: Zack

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12 thoughts on “Michelle at One”

  1. A very very happy birthday to very very dear Michelle from Dada and Dadi (grand Pa and Grand Ma). We telephoned to talk to you Michelle but you were taking a nap. May Allah bless three of you with good health, true happiness and prosperity always. Aameen.

  2. Congrats !!! to you and Amber on this joyous occassion. I wonder what happens when she can climb the cooking range :-).

  3. Thanks, everyone.


    I wonder what happens when she can climb the cooking range

    Her access to the kitchen is already limited.

  4. Congrats to Michelle and mashALLAH she is looking so beautiful in all her pics but i like when she is sitting in broken draws and trying to reach bookshelf
    may Allah bless her through out her life

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