The Motorcycle Diaries

A good movie, could have been better. Especially if it didn’t romanticize Che so much. Rating: 7/10.

The Motorcycle Diaries is based on Che Guevara’s book about his journey through South America with a friend as a young man in the 1950s. Only part of the trip was on a motorcycle.

The movie is decent. The plot runs along reasonably well and the cinematography is pretty good. Although I don’t think of Che Guevara as a romantic figure, I try to evaluate movies independently of the real life actions, especially when the time frame of the movie is earlier than all the bad things Che did as a communist. However, near the end in the leper colony, the movie script could have done with some skepticism towards Che. The additional materials on the DVD, including an interview with Che’s friend on the journey Alberto Granado, also sounded too much like the romanticization of Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara that has become too common among some.

Overall though, I would give the movie a 7/10 rating.

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6 thoughts on “The Motorcycle Diaries”

  1. I agree; Motorcycle Diaries was a decent movie. Unfortunately, I have not read anything about CG before he became a communist guerilla; so, I cannot comment on the accuracy of the story. At the end of the movie, I was left with the feeling that CG could have accomplished far more for his fellow man by completing his medical training.

  2. And here i am still waiting for the english version of the movie. All the prints that we could buy over here in Karachi were in foreign languages and none so ever in English subscript. This is one time when i dont like piracy that much 🙂

  3. Captain Arrrgh: I think the movie’s major source was Guevara’s book of the same name.

    Renee: Didn’t you read the book this movie is based on? Any comments on the book vs the movie?

    Shaper: So I noticed. I’ll get to it soon.

    Fahd: Thanks.

    Moiz: Interesting. I hadn’t considered this aspect of the piracy business in Pakistan.

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