Kashmir Earthquake Donations

There have been many updates to my previous post about the earthquake. I have added some information about where you can donate for the relief efforts and some information sources as well.

Now Manan of Chapati Mystery is collecting donations online to send to the Edhi Foundation (my charity of choice).

I created a paypal account to solicit donations on behalf of Edhi Foundation.

[…] I will keep the drive open for 2 weeks. 100% of your donation will go straight to the victims of the Earthquake. I will scan and put-up the paypal check when I receive it. I will scan and put up the wire-transfer receipt when I send it on. I am not a charitable organization so this won’t be a tax-deduction. I will mail a small token of my thanks to anyone who donates over $15 dollars. Please include your mailing address in that case.

[…] Please, please, Donate.

Remember that you do NOT need to be a paypal member to donate and that they take all major credit cards etc.

There is great need for your donations as more than 2 million people have been affected by the earthquake..

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  1. According to “The Dawn”, in Karachi a case has been registered against a man who puchased 12 truck loads of aid goods. What I do not understand is who had so many truck loads and sold those.

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