Pro-Torture Senators or the Nazgul?

Nine senators voted against stopping torture. All are Reublicans, of course.

Here is the roll of shame of the Senators who voted against the McCain amendment S.AMDT.1977 to forbid torture.

  1. Wayne Allard, Colorado
  2. Kit Bond, Missouri
  3. Tom Coburn, Oklahoma
  4. Thad Cochran, Mississippi
  5. John Cornyn, Texas
  6. James Inhofe, Oklahoma
  7. Pat Roberts, Kansas
  8. Jeff Sessions, Alabama
  9. Ted Stevens, Alaska

Of course, all are Republicans.

Let’s see now how the House and the conference committee act.

POSTSCRIPT: Anyone know why my former Senator (former because I no longer live in New Jersey) Jon Corzine, Democrat of New Jersey, abstained?

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5 thoughts on “Pro-Torture Senators or the Nazgul?”

  1. Corzine most likely didn’t vote because he’s busy campaigning for governor in NJ. He might come back for a close vote, but at 90-9 he wasn’t really needed.

  2. Taxi To the Dark Side

    It’s a documentary about Dilawar, an Afghan taxi driver, who was tortured and murdered as well as the torture policies of the Bush administration. I provide a lot of links to information about torture.

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