Caring for Your Baby and Young Child

Caring for Your Baby and Young Child is a book from the American Academy of Pediatrics. We bought it a little before Michelle was born and I have been reading it since then. It covers child care from birth to 5 years, so I guess I’ll be reading it for a few more years.

The first part of the book is based on age and gives the milestones for different ages as well as advice about child care. This is what I read over time as Michelle grows older. It is useful to me to figure out what sort of activities Michelle would/should be doing her age.

The second part covers accidents, injuries and illness. I read sections there as required when Michelle gets sick.

There are the usual clichés and overblown stuff as in most such advice books. For example, there is a short section on coping with terrorism in the new edition. Michelle’s pediatrician also pooh-poohs the example meal plans given in the book. But overall the book is worth reading and gives some ideas about childrearing. We don’t follow its suggestions all the time but there are something worth considering.

By Zack

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  1. That reminds me of the time when I read such a book before your birth. This was gifted by somebody who bought it in London. Beforer that I read a book on infant and child psychology. Again it was bought by somebody in lLondon and gifted to Baji Fawziah (My elder sister) who need it being a medical practitioner and mother of small kids.

    These book do have considerable useful information which helps in practical life but certain assertions are way out. One I remember distictly was that a child does not focus eyes and observe till the age of six months. I noticed my niece of two months lying on her side trying to catch a small ant running on the bedsheet.

  2. Dad: I think babies can track objects (but especially faces) at 1-2 months of age. Their distance vision, however, takes time. As does full color vision.

    renee: This one? Didn’t Dr. Sears start the attachment parenting idea?

  3. I just recalled that you slept with us for about 2 years and then in the crib. Munira slept with us for about 20 months then both of you were transfered to the side room on proper beds. Only Fowzi slep in the crib right after the birth, of course, after coming back from hospital.

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