Eid and Diwali Mubarak

Eid Mubarak. Happy Diwali.

Eid Mubarak, everyone. We are celebrating Eid today here in Atlanta.

And Happy Diwali too.

Author: Zack

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13 thoughts on “Eid and Diwali Mubarak”

  1. I visit your blog from time to time, but till today I never made the effort to leave a comment. Thought this would be a good time.

    Eid Mubarak!

    oh and Halloween too, if you’re into that. (just kidding)

    Oh and another thing. This is the best Urdu blog I know, which is a total of two blogs.

  2. “Eid Mubarak Ho!”

    Brian Ulrich, you must be the Ho … Stop being profane with Zack. Eid Mubarak !!

  3. Thank you, everyone.

    Abdusalaam: Happy Halloween to you too! You can find lots of Urdu blogs at Urdu Planet

    Brian: You are learning Urdu?

    Asma: It was her 2nd, but she was only 3 months last year. This time she was so into her gharara!

    defender-of-zack: You don’t need to defend me, Brian was using an Urdu expression. Now you owe Brian an apology.

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