Crash is a movie about several interlinked people with a focus on stereotypes and group identity. It shows us that everyone is in some ways a bigot. But at the same time, there’s good in us too. Almost every character in the movie is racist but does rise about it as well. It reminds us that bigotry is very common, but it is can also be overcome.

Overall, this was probably the best movie of 2005. We loved it. I am rating it 8/10.

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By Zack

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  1. Crash is a powerful movie, but its only problem is that it is very explicit, which probably prevents it to become a remaining movie through the time, e.g. 40 years from now.
    By the way, Hispanics are the only minority that have not been shown as bigots in Crash.

  2. Whoever said looks can kill sure got it wrong, Crash seems to suggest stereotypes can kill. It was a good movie as it made the point about how we need to see beyond our prejudices. Though for convinced racists it can actually just confirm all that they think they know – as if LA is just doomed because of ethnic mixing. Good movie though.

  3. جی ذکریا بھائی ۔ میں نے ان بچوں کے والدین سے اجازت لی ہے اور بڑی بچیوں کو بھی بتایا تھا ۔ پھر بھی احتیاط کے طور پر کلاس ششم کی طالبات کی تصویر کو ہٹا لیا ہے ۔ کیونکہ کسی حد تک ان کی تصویر پر اعتراض ہونے کا اندیشہ تھا ۔

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