Islamic Traditionalism

I am busy and have no time to post anything. But here is a discussion on Traditionalism in Islam. It is long and spread over multiple blogs, but in many ways it is fascinating. Thabet calls it

Not quite Al-Ghazali and Ibn Rushd. But close.

Here is the complete list of links. I can’t excerpt in any meaningful way, so you will have to follow the links.

  1. Avari.Nameh: bombing increases the moonlight: an endearing etiology of islam’s winter
  2. Avari.Nameh: part one: bombing competes with the moonlight
  3. Avari.Nameh: part two: conversations in the moonlight
  4. Mind, Body, Soul » Haroon Moghul: conversations in the moonlight
  5. Avari.Nameh: when ash’arites become ashtrays
  6. Unwilling Self-Negation » Cleansing With Sunlight: Traditionalist Inadequacy and Terror
  7. Avari.Nameh: light is both a particle and a wave: a commentary on a commentary on a commentary
  8. towards God is our journey: Interpreting the interpretation
  9. Unwilling Self-Negation » Saudis Deport A Girl Who Was Raped
  10. Unwilling Self-Negation » Cleansing With Sunlight: Part II
  11. Unwilling Self-Negation » A Way Beyond Religion
  12. Avari.Nameh: advaita in the muslim moonlight
  13. Mind, Body, Soul » A Response to Attacks of ‘Traditionalists’ by Reformists
  14. towards God is our journey: Relativism and subjectivism
  15. Unwilling Self-Negation » Reply To Islamic Traditionalist
  16. Non Skeptical Essays: Tradition (1) – Key Dualities
  17. Non Skeptical Essays: Tradition (2) – Conversation Incarnate
  18. Non Skeptical Essays: Tradition (3) – Converse to Create Knowledge
  19. Non Skeptical Essays: Tradition (4) – Conclusion and more…
  20. towards God is our journey: Talking tradition
  21. Unwilling Self-Negation » Laid Back Conversation With Traditionalists
  22. Mind, Body, Soul » Continuing the Eteraz Conversation…
  23. Non Skeptical Essays: Cosmopolitan Fiqh
  24. Non Skeptical Essays: Addendum to ‘Cosmopolitan Fiqh’ Post
  25. Unwilling Self-Negation » Cleansing With Sunlight: Haroon Style
  26. Avari.Nameh: the silent traditionalist
  27. Avari.Nameh: towards an outline of traditional islam
  28. Mind, Body, Soul » Response to Haroon of AvariNameh
  29. Avari.Nameh: now i’ve been reduced to defending traditionalism
  30. Mind, Body, Soul » Moral Relativism and Islam, my thoughts.
  31. Unwilling Self-Negation » Islamic Tradition And Islamic Exceptionalism
  32. Mind, Body, Soul » Tradition/Extradition
  33. Mind, Body, Soul » How To Criticise Traditional Islam – Part 1
  34. Mind, Body, Soul » How To Criticise Traditional Islam – Part 2
  35. Unwilling Self-Negation » Convergence of Traditionalism and Jihadism
  36. Unwilling Self-Negation » Traditionalist Rules on Violence
  37. Ali Eteraz » Ramadan Reconciliation Part II – Tradition and Traditionalists
  38. City of Brass » Tradition

I would like to comment on a few threads in this discussion, for example, on slavery and also why Islam has to be progressive. Some parts of this discussion also tie with my upcoming post on why I think that

Islam is basically what is practiced by Muslims.

All that goodness later. For now, I am only going to say that, as you might have guessed, I am partial to Ibn Rushd and hence, in this discussion, Eteraz, who I have added to my blogroll.

UPDATE (Sept 22, 2007): Added two more links to blog posts discussing tradition.

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  1. what a great piece of investigative blogging. thank you very much. this makes my life immensely easier. earlier i was trying to do a summary of all the posts but have, in light of this, decided not to. instead, im going to go forward and continue writing posts on traditionalism. also, as i understand, hanging odes has a new post on cosmopolitan fiqh.

    great work.

  2. you may also want to take a look at a couple of my posts on AHM’s article, at the first is an introduction and outline of AHM´s argument, and was referenced in eteraz´s first post on the subject. the second offers some philosophical background to help understand what AHM says.


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