You Are On Notice

If you watch The Colbert Report, then you might have heard of Stephen Colbert’s lists.

“On Notice” and “Dead to Me”, originally phrases Colbert used as a warning or condemnation for something he disagreed with, were later made into giant-sized lists that contain a comically bizarre assortment of people and things that are supposedly displeasing to Colbert. When the “On Notice” list is full, Colbert is forced to either remove an item or move one to the “Dead to Me” list to make space. The “Dead to Me” list is shorter and is reserved for the most hated nemeses of Colbert. There are a few random and unexplained entries, such as “Owls”, to again demonstrate the absurdity of Colbert’s fixations.

Via PhotoDude, I found out that you can now make your own custom “On Notice board”. So here is mine.

On Notice Board

Yes, this will change from time to time.

By Zack

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  1. Amen to the SUV owners at Whole Foods! Them, and the frat-boy who gave me a look for having the gall to take a second to put my son in the cart last time I went!

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