Vote Early, Vote Often

Today is election day here. So do vote. I won’t be voting out of respect for the law, and my non-fellow citizens (as Harry put it), but you should.

I think it is time to vote against the Republicans this time. Vote against any Republican standing for any office (even dogcatcher). There are several reasons for this. You will probably have heard the more important ones, like the US torture policy, the Iraq war, incompetence in the war on terror as well as in economics, and so on. But there is another important reason: arrogance of power. The Republicans have drunk from the fountain of power and it has gone to their head. This happens from time to time in a democracy and whenever it does, there is only one thing to do: Throw them out. I am a strong believer in voting against incumbents every few election cycles just for the heck of it. It keeps the politicians on their toes and does not let one party stay in power for too long which are both good things in my opinion.

As for predictions, mine is that the Democrats will take over the House by gaining about 24 seats but will fail in the Senate. Since Lieberman and Sanders are most likely going to caucus with the Democrats, this will result in a 50—50 Senate with Cheney casting the tiebreaker vote.

I have been following the polls, predictions and other election news at the following sites:

I hope to congratulate Captain Arrrgh tonight for getting rid of both his Senator and his Representative (both Republicans).

By Zack

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  1. I hope Zack will be congratulating me tonight :-). It is high time to rid Washington of these power-drunk, two-faced, philandering, gun-slinging bums. Vive la democracy!

  2. Though I have no idea of US elections but, somehow, I never liked stupid and cunning looking GW Bush as I do for Pervez Musharraf. They say birds of a feather flock together. So they are friends.

  3. Only two Senate races left to be decided and the Democrats have to win both for a majority. Currently, both are Republican seats.

    Right now, Tester (D) is winning 50-47 against Burns ® with 69% of the precincts reporting.

    The situation in Virginia is much closer with Webb (D) up by 7,800 votes with results from 99.63% precincts in. Since the remaining 9 precincts are in Democratic areas, Webb’s lead over Allen is probably safe. However, since it is less than 1%, a recount is likely. This might stretch the final results till December.

    In the House results, the Democrats appear to be doing better than I predicted. They will probably end up with a gain around 35 seats.

    Overall, a good day, I must say!

  4. The CNN we get here is not the one in US. So we are not getting proper update.

    Does it mean if Tester and Webb win, Democrats take the senate also?

  5. Does it mean if Tester and Webb win, Democrats take the senate also?

    Yes. Democrats and Republicans both would then have 49 seats, but there are 2 independents who plan to side with the Democrats. So the Democrats will be in the majority (51-49).

    Tester has now won in Montana. It was a close race.

    We might have to wait till December for the Virginia Senate race between Allen and Webb if there is a recount as expected.

  6. Here it goes. Webb follows Tester and downs Allen, the George.

    Congratulations to all Democrates and their sympathisers, especially Zakaria and Captain Arrrgh

  7. wayfarer: Good.

    Leila: The law forbids me from voting in one country and distance doesn’t allow me to vote in the other.

    Dad: Thanks.

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