Casino Royale

I am a fan of Bond movies and have seen most of them. So we went to the theater to watch Casino Royale.

This movie features a new Bond actor, Daniel Craig. And a new Bond too as his character becomes 007 at the start of the movie. This marks the movie out to be different than the typical Bond fare. For example, Bond does get hurt. He doesn’t have as many gadgets as in recent movies and has to work hard. The charm is of course there. And then there is Bond falling in love too!

Overall, this was a good movie. I would rate it 7/10.

By Zack

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  1. That reminds me of my youth days. I used to see only adventurous, investigative and comedy movies. James Bond 007 was a character liked by all young ones in those non-gagetary days.

  2. While I have not seen this Bond movie, I prefer Bond movies laden with whiz-bang gizmos and driven by intricate, globe-spanning plots. Moon Raker and Gold Finger are examples of such movies.

  3. the ending was confusing to me.
    The lady that James Bond was with,
    was she for or against him?
    It says she got black mailed but then again
    confused me….
    Plus it makes me think she wasnt black mailed and was on their side because in the ending when she was stuck in the gate under water she locked the gate on herself so she can die while James is trying to save her. Did she feel guilty?

  4. “Casino Royale,” with the new actor Daniel Craig as a new secret agent 007 as breathtaking as a radical relaunch of the James Bond series is a surprisingly intense, hard and serious thriller, in addition to all the exciting show values much energy and intelligence on drawing and development of the legendary Bond figure.

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