Spammy Fame

Since I added the Contact link on my weblog, I have been getting all sorts of strange emails about asylum, sex, marriage and other topics. However, what made my day last weekend was an email that someone had received. Here is the email that was forwarded to me.


I got your contact from the cyberspace on my search for a sincere man who is marriage minded and have value for love and friendship and recognized the significant of having a good and sincere relationship, so I saw your profile on and decided to contact you and I hope my proposition to be your friend will not be an exemption.

Well I am Vick Mazur as you may know me and I am from Russia, which my father is from Russia and my mother is from Liberia but at present I live and work in the Republic of Benin in a Charity Organization but I am a very good girl from a good family, my hobbies are playing basketball, reading the bible, working hard and watching movies. I dislike people that lies and dishonest things, i am not too fat and not too thin, i am average in height, i do not smoke nor drink, white in complexion with blonde hair and a nice eye ball and i am also a easy going lady but i will leave that for you to to judge when we start this friendship and I hope you are satisfy with this little details about me and I will also pray to God to make our friendship last longer without regretting knowing each others.
Please I will like to stop for now, kindly tell me more about yourself, your profession and country so as to march one more step towards forever, honest and sincere friendship and I will send you my picture when I hear from you.

You can also reply me at my yahoo email address: [email address removed]

Here is a blog post by the cousin of the person who received this email.

When I checked my spam folder later, I found out that Vick had sent the same email to my very spammy email address which I don’t use for my blog as well. Did I mention that the subject of the email was “I saw your profile on”.

So finally I have accomplished something with this blog. I have become famous. Spammers are now referring to my blog posts in their emails. Ain’t life grand!

Oh and do read my famous post and all the comments there.

By Zack

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  1. I got the same email. She seems to be a nice lady, though I never contacted her.

  2. This sort of thing appears to be common. Last year I found a way to make such e-mails spam and spams I delete in one go. That has reduced my work to great extent. Still I do get a few spam e-mails in my normal folder which again I delete using the rule “I don’t know the person so delete”

  3. Mike: Looks like the email went far and wide.

    Dad: Spam is common but how often is my weblog referred to in such an email?

  4. Well i dont think its good that spammers use your blog in there spam emails, they have softwares that could sent one email to hundereds of people in fraction of seconds, and it would be hard to deal with all the spam u’ll get in traffic and comments..
    best of luck though

  5. Khushal: You are right spammers could be a problem, though I have some anti-spam measures in place for the blog. This post was just for fun.

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