Annie Hall

Annie Hall is probably Woody Allen’s best movie. He is at his neurotic best here in a romantic comedy. His monologues are funny mostly. Overall the movie has a bittersweet which should probably be more common in this genre than the saccharine stories one usually sees.

I liked Annie Hall well enough, but I won’t say it is great. And so I rate it 7/10.

By Zack

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  1. oh come one—7 out of 10? That’s a “C” my friend, “average,” (whatever the hell that means anymore).

    Surely an “8” (B) is more fitting to the occasion.

    BTW—as an “American” (whatever that means) i find it highly amusing and completely awesome that someone around the world speaking Urdu is rating a Woody Allen movie.

    COMPLETELY gives me hope for the future of this world.

    🙂 Hooray!!!!

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