More Dell Trouble

I haven’t written anything lately due to a lot of reasons. We went to the Georgia coast for the Memorial Day weekend. Then my daughter got pneumonia. After that I got a really bad throat infection which is still not gone. And finally my computer broke down.

Let’s start with where I ended my previous Dell travails. I had the data recovered, but the hard disk could not be formatted again on my system. When even a replacement hard disk didn’t work, Dell had the motherboard replaced again, which fixed the problem. My Inspiron 5100 worked for a while after that, but then it started getting so hot that using it as a “lap”-top was dangerous. This overheating issue seemed to be a well-known problem by then and Dell actually replaced my computer with a refurbished Inspiron 5150. That was early 2006.

Fast forward to Wednesday. My computer suddenly hung up and on reboot refused to do anything. All it showed was a blank screen with a blinking cursor on the top left. There no Dell screen at startup and the BIOS tests didn’t start either. I chatted with a Dell representative and figured out that my computer was still under warranty due to the class action lawsuit decided in December. So the computer is off now to Dell’s repair depot for a motherboard replacement.

Meanwhile, I am stuck with this 8 year old desktop that was all packed up and ready to be dispatched to a charity.

UPDATE (June 6 9pm): The system is back with the motherboard, heatsink and the AC adapter replaced. Testing is in progress.

By Zack

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  1. We pray for quick recovery and good health of three of you.
    You three have started falling sick frequently. The reason appears to be no old mom or dad on your heads to keep you on healthy track.

  2. salam
    oops I just bought a dell laptop 🙁 seem like shudnt have. I hate laptops but for the time it was the best choice i cud make.
    i always heard that dell is cheap but in my view so does the quality and hardware. like the famous mouse n keyboard of my desktop they s*** now n its only the 10th month. they really need to do somethinn for the heating issues. they still r providing heating solutions to dual core pcs as they were in pentiums.

  3. Badtameez: My computer is back and working, but anecdotally my friends and I have had almost every component in our laptops changed under warranty (some multiple times). That shows the lack of quality Dell has.

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