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Via Matthew Yglesias, I find out that my blog is not appropriate for kids.

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May be I should tone it down a little.

By Zack

Dad, gadget guy, bookworm, political animal, global nomad, cyclist, hiker, tennis player, photographer


  1. Tell us something new LOL – don’t tone it down but instead put that NET NANNY splash screen in front to filters the below 18 crowd.

    Whew! my blog came through on the G rating – LOL since I used the word ‘Paki’ only once

  2. What a weird Rating scale that rates my Blog as rated just because i used the words pain,hurt and murder!!! Damn aren’t these english kiddoos ever gonna see pain or arent they gonna get hurt? Murder i agree is too much for them;) They dont even watch CNN i guess!!! CNN must be the most rated TV channel than!!!

    oh ban everything!!!

  3. Hmm i Don’t think it’s not suitable for under 17..the tool you’r using to check your site just track the keywords from your’s blog different posts ..if your posts contain more words like ‘sexy’,’Gays’ then it result in adult site …this might be because of yours last posting about gays..try to replace this kind of words with the one which is not common…Good Luck Zack!

  4. Or you could just sex things up a bit more.

    Why should you care what judgment this guy passes on your site? He’s neither an authority nor an opinion leader for you to be concerned.

    And even if he was, you should be excited about it, for nothing piques people interest more than a warning sign, especially the one with a big R. You don’t honestly believe people below 18 would be reading your kind of blog?

    And what if they are? You’re not leading them astray? Or are you?

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