It’s Christmas Eve.

We have had Christmas lights outside our home since December 4. Michelle had demanded lights as she saw them in the neighborhood. So I told her we would decorate for Hanukkah, and so we did on the first day of Hanukkah.

Michelle has also asked that she get candies from Santa Klaus on Christmas. Every day at her preschool, she stopped at the Christmas tree and spent some time looking at all the decorations.

In short, this is our first fun Christmas, despite the long discussion the lady who cut my hair had with me a couple of weeks ago in favor of Merry Christmas and against Happy Holidays. Personally, I prefer Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas, everyone!

By Zack

Dad, gadget guy, bookworm, political animal, global nomad, cyclist, hiker, tennis player, photographer


  1. it’s so funny that it’s such an issue. I like Happy Holidays because it includes everyone unlike Merry Christmas which excludes jews, hindus, muslims and others. Hope you guys have a good day!

  2. yeah i read a letter to the editor and they guy pressed we shud say merry chritmas n i recalled the guy who was interviewed in march 2006 said we aint gona let gov name bhasha dam we want to name it locally.
    so season greetings or happy holidays or merry christmas they all r same to me
    merry christmas btw. 😀

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