Georgia Coast

Last year on the memorial day weekend, we went to the Golden Isles of Georgia.

It was a good trip except for the fact that Michelle got very sick. Because of that, we had to cancel our plan of spending a day at Cumberland Island. Michelle also didn’t get to enjoy the beach despite her love of the ocean and sand. Plus we had to return a day early.

We spent most of our time wandering around Brunswich, St Simons Island and Jekyll Island. On the last day, we also visited St Marys, where we were supposed to take a ferry to go to Cumberland Island, but didn’t because of Michelle not feeling well.

Unqualified Offerings had sung high praises of Jack’s Famous Wood-Cooked Bar-B-Q in Woodbine, GA. So we drove there for dinner one day. My friends were disappointed to see the shack. Their barbecue was good, but I like Fat matt’s rib shack here in Atlanta better.

Anyway, here are some photographs.


By Zack

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  1. Wow.. I love the way you’re displaying your pictures on Google map.. how’d you do that? The pictures are really neat and Michelle is cute mashaAllah!

  2. Oh, you lucky, lucky outdoorsy people! I have gone once to the Cumberland Island/St Mary’s area (and Okeefenokee Swamp) and baar baar janay ki hasrat hai. Sorry to hear that Michelle got sick.

  3. Marigold: Thanks. I explained the process here. You can even do it on Flickr.

    Koonj: We also plan to go to Cumberland Island since we didn’t want to risk spending the day there with a sick kid. It’s a nice place.

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