Hilton Head

As is our tradition, we went to the beach for the Memorial Day long weekend. This trip was to Hilton Head Island, SC.

We spent most of our time there on the beach. Michelle was very excited about getting into the water. The first day she spent most of the time in the ocean, but on the second day, it was very windy and the waves were much higher. She would go into the water and then run back when a wave crashed on the shore.

Here are some photographs.

A Bird
Birds flying
Wave crashing
More waves
Beach 1
Beach 2
Riding the waves

We had some great dinners there. At Truffles Grill, I had salmon with mango barbeque glaze which was heavenly. CQ’s the next night was pretty good too. We sat outside at Old Fort Pub where I had a very tasty Bouillabaisse.

By Zack

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  1. You guys with your outdoorsiness – I am so inspired. And yet I remain indoors … Michelle is lucky to grow up with such adventurous parents.

  2. Our dear Michelle is, masha Allah, brave.

    This takes me about 3 decades back in to the past. At beach specially developed children at Gigarishin Tripoli (Libya), while you, Munira and Fowzi were having fun in the ocean a huge wave (over 5 meter high) came in and we made you run up the stairs to reach top of the hill and we picked Munira and Fowzi and climbed after you. I can not forget that scene.

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