For Mother’s Day, I decided to take Amber out for a few hours. We wandered around, watched a movie and had dinner at Joël restaurant, which features French cuisine “with Asian and Mediterranean influences.”

Blog Interview Meme

This is a chain interviewing game for blogs. Here are its rules: Leave me a comment saying “interview me.” The first five commenters will be the participants. I will respond by asking you five questions. You will update your blog/site with the answers to the questions. You will include this explanation and an offer to… Continue reading Blog Interview Meme

Brazilian Steakhouse

Last week, Amber and I went to Fogo de Chão for dinner. It is a Brazilian steakhouse tradition known as “Churrasco.” According to the restaurant website: Churrasco (shoo – rás – ko) has been a culinary tradition for more than three centuries in Rio Grande do Sul (Southern Brazil). In the olden days, “Gaúchos” (Southern… Continue reading Brazilian Steakhouse

10 + Michelle

It’s been exactly 10 years since “I” became “We”. On December 1, 1994 in Wah Cantt, Pakistan, Amber and I got married. That day, we thought we knew what love was. But we weren’t really aware of the bond between two persons who spend their lives together. Since then, our love has grown considerably; we… Continue reading 10 + Michelle

A Tasty Dinner

I made this dinner last week which is a combination of a few recipes. I am not sure how to classify this. May be it could be called a Brazilian dish. Couscous is a North African staple which I was introduced to while living in Libya more than 2 decades ago. I bought two packs… Continue reading A Tasty Dinner

Patisserie Recommendations

It’s snowing here and all I can think of is some nice French pastry. I am looking for some real good patisserie recommendations in New York city. Something to remind us of our trip to France last year. POSTSCRIPT: I am looking for a patisserie, not a French restaurant with good dessert, preferably in Manhattan.… Continue reading Patisserie Recommendations


December is an important month in my life. I got married on December 1 and got engaged in the same month as well. But a long time ago, I was born in the same month on Pearl Harbor Day at 11:15am Pakistan Standard Time (1:15am Eastern Time or 6:15am UTC/GMT) in Wah Cantt, Pakistan, a… Continue reading December


It’s been 9 years since December 1, 1994, the day Amber and I got married. It’s been a wonderful 9 years. I have discovered what love really means in this period, not that I wasn’t in love when we got engaged, but that love has turned out to be much more than I ever thought… Continue reading 9

Cavolfiore al Forno con le Cipolle

On another blog, Ikram Saeed was talking about how Pakistanis in general are meat-eaters. So I thought I would post a veggie recipe that I am making. This is baked cauliflower with onions and cheese from the book “Modern Italian Cooking.” Ingredients 2.5 lb cauliflower 3 tablespoons unsalted butter 2 onions 2 tablespoons chopped fresh… Continue reading Cavolfiore al Forno con le Cipolle

Nouveaux Napoleons

I forgot to post the dessert recipe yesterday. Did you know that you could eat Napoleon? Is nothing sacred any more? This is one of the easier recipes in my Simple French Desserts (yes, the book’s title is misleading, but the recipes in there are good). The end result was good and I was especially… Continue reading Nouveaux Napoleons