The Tale of Despereaux

Michelle and I both loved this movie of a little brave mouse.

We took Michelle to see The Tale of Despereaux with a friend of hers.

Michelle loved the little mouse and so did we. However, her friend seemed a bit scared and left in the middle with her parents. It was great fun, with good graphics.

I rate it 8/10.


It’s an animated movie about a rat who wants to be a chef. Absolutely amazing!

Ratatouille is an animated movie about a rat who’s a foodie and teams up with a garbage boy at a French restaurant to cook lovely food.

The rats in the kitchen did not bother me at all and neither should they bother you. After all, this is only a movie!

I didn’t get to watch it in one sitting because I had to watch it multiple times with Michelle. But all three of us loved the movie. I rate it 9/10 and plan to watch it with Michelle several (hundred) more times.