Raging Bull

It is a good movie by Martin Scorsese about the Bronx Bull, boxer Jake LaMotta.

Raging Bull is a biopic, by Martin Scorsese, about boxer Jake LaMotta, played by Robert De Niro.

If you like boxing movies, you’ll like it. Otherwise you can skip it. I rate it 7/10.

Into the Wild

This is a movie about a young college graduate whose alienation with his family and wanderlust get him to the Alaska wilderness.

It feels a bit strange to watch a movie with an ending that you know about. Yes, there are movies about history and about celebrities, but this isn’t one of them. Into the Wild is a movie about a young man who leaves home after college and wanders around the country, finally deciding to go to the Alaska wilderness.

It’s an oddly compelling movie which I watched like a sociopath waiting for him to die. Of course, Amber cried a lot.

The one thing I wasn’t able to really understand was why he left home and life as a middle class person. It was clear that his relationship with his parents wasn’t good, but explaining that was the movie’s weakest point.

I rate the movie 8/10.