Tanzania Day 2: Manyara to Serengeti

On Day 2, we drove from the escarpment above the Rift Valley to central Serengeti via Ngorongoro Conservation Area. The animals we saw (new ones in bold): Elephants ostriches zebras wildebeests heron antelopes Thomson’s gazelles Grant’s gazelles hyena serval lions kori bustard leopard griffon vultures Agama Hartebeest Starlings Weavers guinea fowl

Tanzania Day 1: Lake Manyara

During our recent northern circuit safari trip to Tanzania, we visited Lake Manyara National Park on our first day. Here’s the map of our jeep trek in the park. Here are the animals we saw: Baboons blue monkeys elephants buffaloes ostriches zebras vervet monkeys impalas pelicans wildebeests giraffes Hadada ibis Klipspringer African jacana crowned cranes… Continue reading Tanzania Day 1: Lake Manyara