Avoid Dell Hell

My Dell laptop is again giving me trouble. It looks like Dell gave me a defective motherboard last month.

Four years ago, I made a terrible mistake. I bought a Dell Inspiron 5100 laptop. I wrote about my troubles here and then recently here. Since then (i.e. last month), I have had RAM trouble which was finally replaced this week (courtesy of the extended warranty I have due to a class action settlement).

When I replaced the memory, the hard disk started giving errors. I am still in the process of recovering data from the hard disk. And finally today I discovered that the memory problem is still there, which means that it is most likely a defective motherboard (replaced just last month). After an hour chatting online with Dell Tech Support, my laptop is going back to Dell for a motherboard replacement.

To recap, since April 2003 when I bought this machine, I have had the motherboard replaced 3 times (and it should be replaced again now), memory twice, hard disk once, the processor heat sink a couple of times, the AC adapter twice and the whole computer once (I now have the Inspiron 5150).

Tomorrow, I am off to Fry’s where I’ll get parts for a new desktop and build it myself.

UPDATE: Read my latest post about how Dell gave me a new Inspiron 1501.