Movable Type 3.34 to WordPress 2.8.4

As you can see, I have moved my blog over to WordPress. Actually, the whole domain,, is powered by WordPress. If you see any problems, please comment on this post or contact me. I was using Movable Type 3.34 which came out in January 2007 and was now badly outdated. The reason why I… Continue reading Movable Type 3.34 to WordPress 2.8.4

Commenting Problems

Commenting using non-ASCII characters is not working right now. We hope to have a fix soon. Temporary fix is to revert a recent upgrade of the MTValidate plugin.

Movable Type Security Bug

Movable Type 3.33 has a script injection bug if the nofollow plugin is disabled. Comment text is no longer sanitized as it should be.

Movable Type and Unicode

Running Movable Type natively in Unicode was not as difficult as I thought but it still required a number of patches to the code.

Movable Type Upgrade

I have upgraded to Movable Type 3.32 and have made modifications to run it natively with Unicode. I like some of the new features (better Unicode support and tags). If there are any problems due to the upgrade, drop me a line.