Weird Me

There is a tag going around asking about anything weird about yourself. Here are my weirdness list.

Wayfarer tagged me with this meme where I have to list six weird things about myself. Now the problem is weird according to whom. Let’s see if you find the following weird.

  1. I am sorta afraid of heights. I can’t climb on trees and the couple of times I have done indoor rock climbing I was frightened. I also don’t dive or jump into swimming pools from diving boards or platforms. Actually I don’t even jump into a pool from ground level. I either sit on the edge and slip into the pool or take the stairs. On the other hand, I had a lot of fun doing this:
    Zack skydiving
  2. I did not shave until I was starting college. So I had a beard in high school. Later, I tried all combinations: beard and moustache, beard without moustache, moustache without beard, and clean shaved. Nowadays, I am clean shaven. But I still do not shave more than 2 or 3 times a week while my facial hair demands shaving twice a day for a clean look.
  3. My only car accident involving another moving object was when a running pedestrian hit my side-view mirror. Otherwise my accidents involve lamp posts, pillars and other immovable objects. The first time I took my dad’s car for a drive alone, I hit the gate pillar of our house on my return.
  4. For someone who loves sports cars and driving, I do not drive fast. I also don’t like weaving in and out of traffic, usually preferring to remain in my lane even if it seems slower than the others. And I turn blind when driving while it is raining at night.
  5. I enjoyed watching my ophthalmologist poking needles and performing surgery on my left eye when I was 13. I had only local anesthesia.
  6. I am left-handed and left-footed. I kick soccer balls with my left foot and play tennis and write with my left hand. However, I play cricket right-handed. I bat, bowl and field right-handed.

Unlike Wayfarer or Koonj, I’ll stop at six items.

So who to tag to carry on this meme? Let’s try to spread this meme in the Pakistani and Urdu blogosphere. So I tag: Teeth Maestro, Noumaan, Nabeel, Shakir, Asma, Badtameez.