G35 or RX-8?

Since our Honda Civic was totalled, we have had only one car. Now we are thinking of buying another. The car has to be a 4-seat sporty car since it must fit our daughter in her car seat…

Ever since our Civic was totaled in an accident, we have had one car. Most of the time, this car has been in use by Amber. Now we think we need another car. So I am looking for a new car.

I want a fun car to drive that should be fast, handle well (especially on curvy mountain roads) but be comfortable and reliable for the daily commute as well. Among other requirements, the car should have:


Horsepower200 hp(150 kW)

curbweighthorsepower13 lb/hp(7.9 kg/kW)

Torque150 ft-lb(203 N-m)

Originally, we were thinking of buying a roadster like Nissan 350Z, Honda S2000, Chevrolet Corvette or Porsche Boxster (Ok, so the last two were a bit out of our reach, but I can dream; wait, if I dreamed I would get this car). But with an almost-eight-month old kid, that is not practical. So now our choices are limited to 4-seaters, though the requirement of sportiness is still there.

The cars I am considering are the Infiniti G35 Coupe and Mazda RX-8, both with manual transmission (more fun and Amber can’t drive it!). Does anyone have any thoughts on either of these cars? Opinions of owners of G35 or RX-8 would be especially appreciated.

The infant/toddler/booster seat will definitely be an issue. The larger convertible or 3-in-1 seats don’t fit in either G35 or RX-8. Infiniti has a list of seats that fit in the G35, but even then I need to check how problematic it would be to put my daughter into a rear facing car seat. But I like the G35 coupe much better than their sedan. And let’s face it, the Coupe looks like the 350Z.

Also, feel free to chime in with other models that you think I could like.

New York Auto Show

Amber and I went to the New York Auto Show last weekend. It was extremely crowded there and hence I did not get much opportunity for good photos. Anyway, here are a few, including my dream car Porsche Carerra GT.

Porsche Carerra GT Carerra GT only $440K 1500 Carerra GTs to be made
Nissan 350Z Porsche Boxster Mazda RX-8: A Wankel in there and our baby could fit in as well
The new Chevrolet Corvette Honda S2000 Should be nice to drive

Honda Civic R.I.P.

Amber’s car was in the workshop since her accident. Now, we have found out that the frame of the car is damaged and our insurance is declaring the car a total loss. I am surprised since the airbags did not deploy. So I thought she was not going fast.

We bought the silver 1999 Honda Civic LX sedan in May 1999. It was the first reasonable car we bought (the other one being a very old and cheap car). It was also the first car Amber drove. It stayed in Atlanta for a month before we moved to New Jersey. Amber kept the car when I moved back to school and considered it as her baby. We have had some good trips in the northeast in this car (our cross-country trips have been in my car).

Now, it’s gone! It’s a big deal for Amber since this was her first car.

Since Amber does need a car for her commute and we are not in a position to buy another car at this point in time, I think I’ll leave mine with her at the end of the semester. I can make do without a car at school.


Amber had an accident yesterday. She’s ok, other than the seat belt bruises and stiffness in her neck and back. But her car is badly damaged and will be in the workshop for a while.

I would really like to be with her right now but she is far away and I won’t see her until Friday.

A Small Accident

I had a somewhat weird accident in my car a couple of days ago. A pedestrian hit my car. My losses: the driver’s side mirror. His losses: none.

I was turning left on an intersection with a traffic signal at night. When I had almost completed my turn, something crashed into the front pillar of the car on my side. It was a guy who was running and couldn’t stop in time. It was dark there and I hadn’t seen him. Plus I was very slow. Fortunately, he was OK.

Lexus Concept Car

Lexus Concept Car
Lexus Concept Car
Lexus Concept Car

Can you tell which side is the front?

Chevrolet SSR

Chevy SSR hybrid truck as seen at the Atlanta auto show…

Chevy SSR

Chevy SRR Hybrid Truck
Chevy SRR Hybrid Truck