Cricket World Cup Predictions

As the world cup has finally started, I should make my predictions. The teams are divided into two pools. The top three teams from each pool advance to the super-six round where they play each other. Two teams are then eliminated and the rest advance to the semifinals and then the final. So here are the teams in the two pools, in the order in which I think they will end up:

Pool A: Australia, Pakistan, India, England, Zimbabwe, Netherlands, Namibia.
Pool B: South Africa, West Indies, Sri Lanka, New Zealand, Bangladesh, Canada, Kenya.

And my prediction for the winner is: South Africa.

However, I will be rooting for Pakistan.

Author: Zack

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4 thoughts on “Cricket World Cup Predictions”

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  2. The way England beat Austrailia and New Zealand last month.. i think England will win.

    and India, Pakistan, South Africa will cut each other’s point!


  3. my father is an astrologer himself.
    he says that he doesnt see india in the semi final which would be beaten badly by a neighbouring country.according to him sri lanka or south africa might excel ❓ ❓

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