Huffington Vs Huffington

Now that could be an interesting race for California Governor: Arianna Huffington running against her ex-husband Michael Huffington. Any guess as to how many people will vote for the wrong Huffington?

The rule-busting California gubernatorial recall election took a turn for the bizarre Friday as author-columnist Arianna Huffington appeared ready to kick off an independent run to replace Democratic Gov. Gray Davis, and her ex-husband, former Rep. Michael Huffington, prepared to run as a Republican.

And who has more name recognition than Gary Condit?

Meanwhile, supporters of former Democratic Rep. Gary Condit say the congressman —- whose life is the subject of a documentary called “Public Service: The Private Campaign of Gary Condit,” to premiere Aug. 8 in Sacramento —- is being urged to consider a run as a Democrat.

This recall might turn out to be loads of fun!

Via the Talking Dog.

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  1. I like Huffington, Arianna that is. She’s the balls when it comes to taking on the rabidly I’m going to be rich at any cost groups, including the Bushies.

  2. elizabeth: She does seem an interesting choice. I am still not sure what to think of her. May be I should go read her columns to find out her views.

    Now Arnold is in the race as well. That should be very interesting. It was wierd how he compared the decision about running for governor with a bikini wax last night on the Tonight Show.

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