Restaurant Recommendations

We are planning to go to Washington DC next weekend. Can anyone recommend any good restaurants? I am looking for walk-in places where we don’t have to make reservations in advance or wear nice clothes but that have great food.

For lunch, the restaurant should be close to the Mall, but the dinner restaurant can be anywhere in the metro area.

Do I have any DC readers?

By Zack

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  1. Hey Zack. I FINALLY made it here. I tried thru my comment box but it didn’t work. Anyways,I lvoe ur site. Keep it up. And I do have a cousin who lived near DC so I’ll ask her about the restaurants and stuff. Have a great trip. And sorry if I don’t get a chance to reply with the restaurant names later. Bye.

  2. There’s a place on Connecticut Avenue near the zoo – unfortunately I can’t remember the exact address – that serves the best Lebanese food I’ve ever had. There are also a whole pile of good restaurants around Adams Morgan, including one very interesting Ghanaian one.

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