Evolution Discussion Continued

My previous posts on the topic are here, here and here.

Aziz Poonawalla has now posted his own viewpoint on the topic. In broad details, we agree.

Aziz also points to an article on Evolution and the Quran at Talk Origins Archive. There are also some links to the Quranic verses related to creation in their creationism FAQ.

Andya Primanda, a Muslim biologist from Indonesia, has posted some refutations of Harun Yahya’s book “The Evolution Deceit” from the scientific point of view.

And finally, here are some must-read articles from the Talk Origins Archive:

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  1. Hi Zack,

    It seems that you have posted this a long time ago but I just notice it this morning when someone pointed it out to me. Thanks for your appreciation.

    If you’re still interested in more commentary, you might want to look up Martin Riexinger on google… [I forgot his site address] He is also one of the Harun Yahya-watchers.

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