Thermodynamics and Evolution

I got suspicious when I found out that Harun Yahya was not a scientist. People who have not studied science can sometimes misinterpret scientific laws and ideas. Still, I was interested in reading his book “Darwinism Refuted”. After printing, I was perusing it when I found out that he thinks that the theory of evolution violates the second law of thermodynamics.

Now, as an engineer, I have studied thermodynamics and while it was not a popular course among us electrical engineers, I do understand the 2nd law. I might not know biology but this claim is one I can evaluate and there is no way anyone can convince me that evolution violates this law.

It turns out that this is part of the standard claim of creationists.

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5 thoughts on “Thermodynamics and Evolution”

  1. It is good to see some Muslims challeging this nonsense which passes for ‘science’ (referring to your link further down).

    I dont’ claim to be any sort of expert in biology (I only studied it up to A-Level; sorry, I don’t know what that is the American school system). But my background is in engineering science, which I took to a postgraduate level; I even spent time in academia. So I’d hope I can appreciate ‘the scientific methodology’; something sorely lacking in modern ‘Islamic science’, thanks laregly to people like Dr. al-Najjer, Mr. Yahya and Dr. Naik. This is nothing more than a distorted form of pseudo-science.

    It is a shame that this kind of bad science finds a home in the upper echelons of the Muslim intellegentsia, especially people who claim to be scientists or educated professionals.


  2. Hi,

    I was just looking up Harun Yahya and came across this post. Mr. Yahya is a trained philosopher and isn’t a scientist. One of my friends and I once wrote responses to Harun Yahya’s article “Information Beyond Matter” and they are available on the following link (with a link to the original article). I thought you might be interested.

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