Abraham’s Claim to Mesopotamia

An interesting (funny is probably more like it) case in the DC district court:

Plaintiff “Great Prince Michael” (a.k.a. Michael Craig Clark) brings this action along with a group referred to as the “Inhabitants of the Land” against the United States, President George W. Bush, “Americans currently in the land,” Great Britain, and “British citizens currently in the land,” seeking injunctive relief from American and British occupation of certain lands located in the Middle East. Specifically, the plaintiffs allege that the defendants are trespassing over lands located west of the Euphrates River and Persian Gulf and east of the Mediterranean Sea and Nile River, thereby violating the plaintiffs’ rights under the Third, Fourth, and Fifth Amendments of the United States Constitution. The plaintiffs allege that these lands are entrusted to the care of the plaintiff Great Prince Michael, who claims to be the sole representative of the descendants of Abraham and who allegedly has the responsibility to enforce the biblical covenant given to Abraham to protect lands in question.

The case was obviously dismissed by the court.

Via Begging to Differ.

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  1. Why do you say the case was “obviously” dismissed by the District Court? Many seemingly silly cases make their way to Court. In this case, there is an intimation that the American occupation of Iraq is “illegal”; the particular facts of the case sound silly, but the overall concept is not.

    Guess what? The occpation pretty much IS illegal! George W, Bush did not seek and did not get a formal declaration of war. Further, with his statement that Saddam didn’t have any 9-11 links, he has admitted that he lied to Congress in order to get the military authorization he had. Strictly speaking, then, the war and continued occupation are… illegal.

    Not to say a district court would touch it— its still fundamentally a “political question” for another branch of government, i.e., Congress… but after Bush v. Gore, is ANYTHING strictly speaking beyond the realm of judicial interference?

  2. TD: I say that because the guy is a kook. About the Iraq occupation though, I think I agree with you mostly.

    About political questions being decided by courts, the US has sort of a tradition of separation of powers. This usually means they leave political and policy questions to Congress and the executive branch. A number of countries coming from the British tradition don’t have such an explicit separation. Hence, courts do interject themselves into stuff that would be outside the purview here. That is not necessarily bad and can actually help in, for example, PATRIOT Act related stuff. I think there was a discussion about this in the comments on some post of mine by the Head Heeb and others.

  3. Some may have thought I was crazy for filing this legal action against the us gov. before the invasion of Iraq but I think you’ll have to admit the us was wrong in retrospect as well as their continued illegal occupation of bible lands?!? check out my current web site for fallow up……. JERUSALEM2010.COM


  5. Now down to the wire on the final events and how they will be played out on the world stage for all to see: 1 year ago on my last post who would have ever thought Israel would be in the jam it now is as all nations are now against them just as destiny has foretold. I now come as a thief as was predicted I would or at least it looks that way to the average Jew because of my approach to rally a 200 million man army to awaken the world to the fact that in supporting the modern state called “Israel” they find they have been supporting “THE MAN OF SIN” set up in the Holy land as a false image of Rev.13 like that of the ancient king of Babylon demanding obeisance to his false golden image. but Daniel like his modern day counterparts NIETURI KARTA have not bowed the knee nor has many of the Ishmaelite Arabs like that of HAMAS that see through this LIE set up by the Nations, called Israel. Just as Saul of Tarsus who as a devout ANTI CHRIST in his day had an abrupt awakening to his deception, we look forward to this month of the Jewish calender of AV for that great awakening to occur on a much greater scale with the long awaited REDEMTION but just before that and in the next few hours an attack by Israel upon Iran is expected thus spreading to Lebanon and of course Syria ending with the total annihilation of Damascus. Then setting the stage for the final events of Arabs recognising Messiah first as they historically have done in the past causing the Jews great consternation just as they did when they stood before their brother Joseph only to realize it was he whom they had rejected. fasten your seat belt it’s going to get wild now but we are almost HOME! Sincerely, MICHAEL (Daniel12:1) still representing the heirs to the covenanted land between the 2 great rivers.

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