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September 2003 is the first month I have gotten more than 5,000 visits. The number of visitors to my weblog has been increasing a lot recently. I switched to Movable Type in mid-May and it was then that the decline of my blog was averted.

In other news, I have had visitors from 85 countries since I started keeping track.

And the most popular entry is the one on arranged marriage.

Author: Zack

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4 thoughts on “Blog Visits”

  1. Congrats dude. Hmm.. if I had to think of my most popular posting I think it would be the one where I’m threatening to go postal at work. That speaks volumes of my audience 😉

  2. What stats software do u use? My host has two, Awstats and webalizer, and they differ from each other by a large margin (about 40%), so I was wondering which one to trust. Or neither.

    Owl: Maybe they want to go postal too!

  3. KO: May be this is my bubble.

    I use Analog that my webhost has installed and Sitemeter javascript on all the pages of my weblog. There is quite a difference between the two. This graph is from Sitemeter which gives the lower number of visitors.

    Owl: Thanks. That was your best post. 🙂

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