WMD in Iraq = Lost Coin at Beach

There are times when a comment on one of my posts is so worthy that it needs to be lifted from the comments section and reproduced as a blog post for a wider audience. I think Andrew Hughes qualifies:

Quite frankly the weapons of mass destruction may not have been found but are there. Any of you ever went to the beach and dropped a quarter. Go swimming and come back and find that quarter. Now multiply that beach by 100 and make the quarter a nuclear weapon. Understand now?

What do you think?

By Zack

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  1. Its not exactly the same thing: you KNOW the quarter actually EXISTS and is in fact within the vicinity of the beach.

  2. Thin, flimsy, ‘philosophical’ arguments to disguise a failure to actually find anything (as admitted by the investigation team/s themselves and not “raving leftists”).

    No, sorry. Try again.

  3. Zack, you are a very intelligent person but you believe too much in DEMOCRACY which the US is pushing all over the world. I wish you would consider WHO you are and what real FREEDOM is all about. There is a SILENT majority in the US that knows that politics is the dream world of the citizen-slaves. With over 250millon people only 3 or 4 million voted. What does that say… And they know that the problem is really THE BANKS and their influence on the world. Our economy is the shits, and we own NOTHING and pass around DEBT notes because of it. They OWN us and the world from the CITY OF LONDON. I just came across your site looking up “ZACK” as a name and what it means to a boy I know who is somewhat slow. His mother was an alcoholic and he is small as a result. The name to me means HOPE and innocense and a good future and I just what to convey this to him. It is an ancient name that conveys stability and HOPE to me. What do you think?

  4. Joseph: I have no idea what you are trying to say.

    With over 250millon people only 3 or 4 million voted.

    Where did you get that? About 115-120 million people voted in the US elections yesterday.

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