North, North We Go

Since the weather here in Atlanta hasn’t been perfect, we are going to Ottawa, Canada for a week. I hear they have nice weather there this time of the year.

Do I have any Ottawan readers? Would anyone like to meet for coffee or something?

Also, is there anything to see in Ottawa? My only conditions are that it be interesting, indoors safe from the elements and friendly to my baby-toting self.

Assuming my hotel room has an Internet connection, blogging might pick up pace since I might have to stay in my room all week.

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  1. From Atlanta to Ottawa? Wow, huge change. Let’s just say it’s slightly colder in Ottawa;) Ottawa’s just a few hours away from Toronto – I visited a few summers ago.
    There’s plenty to do in downtown Ottawa, particularly if you’re politically inclined.

  2. Ottawa is gonna be colder than here silly. I haven’t been there – it’s north of Toronto right? Hey that Flanstein guy is there – you know the guy who goes around muslim blogs leaving his spam…maybe pay him a visit 😉 Just kiddin’. Have a good time. Tell Amber hi for me too okay…and that cutie pie of yours…

  3. Safiyyah: Slightly colder? Let’s see. Looking at the forecasts for next week, the average difference between Ottawa and Atlanta will be 30°F (16°C).

    I haven’t been able to find much to do in Ottawa. Toronto seemed much more fun when I was there a few years ago. Do you have any specific suggestions?

    stress: “Frozen moonscape” sounds good.


    it’s north of Toronto right?

    Yes, about 280 miles northeast. I think Ottowa is somewhat colder than Toronto, but I might be wrong. Toronto, however, wasn’t too bad in late November all those years ago.

    I have seen Flanstein in action on other blogs. Fortunately, our paths haven’t crossed.

    Tell Amber hi for me too okay…and that cutie pie of yours…

    That cutie pie is not in a very good mood today as she got her shots.

  4. If you are still in Ottawa it might be worth your while to visit Montreal and then Mont Tremblant.The latter is one of the most beautiful places I have been to.A great place for skiing if you are into that sort of a thing.

    As a proud Canadian I would love to hear your thoughts on My country vis-a-vis yours.What did you like or dislike?Did you get to visit any mosques or Islamic centres?

  5. What is there to do in Ottawa? The federal gov’t is situated there, so there’s the Parliament buildings as well as the Supreme Court of Canada, which is the highest court in Canada, and Rideau Hall, where the Governor General resides. It’s a great place for people interested in politics – like me!

    There are some really cool museums if you’re into that sort of thing. There’s the Canadian Museum of Civilization, Canada and the World Pavilion which showcases Canada’s contributions to the world, the National Art Gallery and plenty more, but I can’t think of their names right now. A lot of the museums are situated very close to each other, so you can finish one and go into the next. Oh, and don’t forget the Royal Canadian Mint.

    The Byward Market is a nice experience, what with the buskers and street performers and all. And there’s also Sparks Street, which is the place to go if you want souvenirs. The Rideau Canal, which is transformed into the world’s longest skating rink in the winter, may be of interesting to you if you can survive in the colder temperature long enough to watch it.

    I’m not even sure it’s wise to come at this time of year. You’ll need a winter coat and hats and gloves and other warm stuff for the whole family. Can’t have a baby freezing. I think it’ll be too much of a change to go from Atlanta to Ottawa, or even Toronto for that matter, in the winter.

  6. awww…poor little thing. Well i hope you enjoy the trip…cold or not cold. Toronto cold really depends…some visits i said “aw, it’s not bad at all” and others i said “how can human life survive here” 😉 lol.

  7. ajsuhail: I just got here today. I thought about Montreal but my wife will be busy working all week and I would have my 6-month old kid with me. So the 2.5 hr drive is probably not a good idea. Skiing is out for the same reason.

    As a proud Canadian I would love to hear your thoughts on My country vis-a-vis yours.

    The answer to that question might depend on which country I belong to, I guess. I am a bit of a global nomad with not much emotion invested in any place. Plus I am not sure if I can judge Canada from the 3 days I spent in Toronto 5 years ago plus the 5 in Ottowa now.

    Did you get to visit any mosques or Islamic centres?

    I don’t have any on my itinerary, but if there are any worth visiting, let me know.

    Safiyya: Thanks for the suggestions.

    I’m not even sure it’s wise to come at this time of year.

    It probably isn’t, but one can’t decide such things sometimes. I don’t expect much problem for us, since I have gone skiing in much colder weather than is expected here this week, but concerned about my kid.

    Asif: Got here today. Will try to take some photos.

    renee: Thanks.

  8. Ah, you lucky bugger! You get to see snow! I remain confined to oppressively warm and un-snow-bound Atlanta. Sigh.

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