Happy Birthday, Munira

Happy Birthday, lil sis. May you have many more! سالگرہ مبارک۔

Yes, I know your birthday is on the 8th, but I am posting this at about the exact time you were born and my time zone is 9 hours behind yours.

Munira, me, Fowzi in Libya

So what are your plans for this special day?

By Zack

Dad, gadget guy, bookworm, political animal, global nomad, cyclist, hiker, tennis player, photographer


  1. May this triangle stay close, strong, healthy, strong and prosperous. Aameen.

    Picture of the three standing in balcony of our house in Tripoli (Libya) reminds us of the good old days.

  2. Thanks so much, dearest bro! 🙂

    I didn’t have anything special planned. But got lots of surprise wishes. And had a party at the office. So am having fun! 🙂

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