Happy Fourth of July

Happy Fourth of July and a belated Canada day. Also, Amber is 1 billion seconds old today.

Happy Fourth of July and a belated Canada Day (July 1) as well.

Also, happy one billion seconds anniversary to Amber. (hat tip: Neil’s World).

In other news, my Treo is my only connection to the outside world right now. My laptop’s hard disk turned out to have a hardware problem, so I am waiting for Dell to ship me a new one after the long weekend. Our DSL modem also died yesterday. BellSouth has promised that a new one will be shipped tomorrow. And if you have been trying to call us on our landline, it was taken out by the thunderstorm yesterday. We can make and receive calls but no one hears anything other than a high-pitched noise. That also will be fixed July 5.

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3 thoughts on “Happy Fourth of July”

  1. So, you are living behind the iron curtain within America. Hope every thing is restored today or by tomorrow. We have been under the impression that telephone / electric supply disruption due to storm occurs only in Pakistan. Fortunately, we have braved about a dozen storms within last one month without any electrical or communication problem.

  2. Dad: Phone was restored yesterday. Hard disk is arriving today and the DSL modem should be here before the end of the week. Then I have to check if my wireless router is working or not.

    Captain Arrrgh: Peace, what peace? My name is Zakaria Ajmal and I am addicted to the interwebs internet.

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