London Bomb Blasts

I am a bit late in blogging about the London bomb blasts, but I didn’t have anything original to say (and my computer wasn’t working either).

The three bombs on London underground trains on Thursday exploded almost simultaneously, police have said.

Scotland Yard said the attacks took place within 50 seconds of each other. It was previously thought they had taken place over a longer time period.

Police have also warned the recovery of victims could take “days more”.

There have been 49 confirmed fatalities in the bomb attacks, while concerns remain for a further 25 missing people. At least 700 were injured.

However, Thabet, a British Muslim, has some thoughts that echo mine.

Certainly there is a disease, a cancer, which is eating at Muslims in various parts of the world, but moreso amongst some younger Muslims in some Western societies: the need to satiate a lust for immediate ‘glory’ and ‘victory’, where all that is Transcendent can be sacrificed for an instant quick-fix; the modern Muslim version of the one-pill-for-all solution. Who needs to work at life, and struggle through its twists and turns, who needs sabr and tawakul, when you can much more easily blow up your ‘enemy’ and book that multi-bedroom villa in paradise? But this, in reality, is a sickness. It is sick when a car bomb drives itself into Iraqis, cueing for a job to feed their families, by people believe they are doing God’s work; it is sick when a bomb is driven into a mosque in Pakistan where people gather to worship, by people believe they are doing God’s work; it is sick when someone on their way to work on a double-decker bus, and who probably couldn’t tell you where Chechnya or Kashmir is on a map, is killed by people believe they are doing God’s work. No doubt, some people try, and will continue to try, to justify these acts of psycopathic egoism as a struggle for God. This is most depraved and is a ‘spiritual’ disease. The heart does not simply have layers of rust on it, but the whole damn organ appears to be riddled with pot holes from a corroding condition. But there is still hope and mercy for God says He is All-Forgiving.

We must avoid, at all costs, arguments of moral equivalence. Thse are easy arguments to slip into. I do it frequently. If X is bombing Iraqis, Y is murdering Chechens, and Z is causing countless injustices to Palestinians, ought our response be to kill indiscriminately — believing as we do that we will be accounted for each action — without any sense, rhyme or reason? There is nothing “Islamic” about this.

Also, we should refrain from conspiracy theories (UPDATE: this link doesn’t make sense any more as the blogger has changed his post) or crazy stuff.

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  2. By 13 July 2005 the mist is starting to clear from the London bombing. Are we looking at good planning but poor execution (no pun intended)? Police think they have identified some of/all the bombers, or should that be patsies? A few points need clarifying:
    – According to the police, the bombs contained 4.5kg of high explosive. Why not 10kg? Do more damage, kill more people for the same risk/sacrifice.
    – However, judging from the time it’s taking to reconcile friends and relatives with victims, were the bodies burned beyond recognition? That must be pretty potent explosive.
    – Underground train explosions occurred at around 08.50. Why not an hour earlier at the height of the rush hour? Potentially kill more people
    – The bus bombing seems like a secondard target, although it did provide dramatic pictures. Terror is theatre.
    – Bombers left Leeds early Thursday morning. How did they get to London by 08.30? Check train timetables; is this possible or did they come by road and take the tube for the last leg of the journey from say near Luton?
    – And what about Israeli Finance Minister Benjamin Netanyahu being tipped off by British police (or someone) before (or at least immediately after) the first explosion? Is that quick thinking, or what? Or was he giving the green light? Bennie the bomber. Mossad getting impatient for the attack on Iran to begin?
    – Is “Power Surge” the code word for terrorist bombing?
    – Kill civilians – send soldiers: Kill soldiers, withdraw troops. Who’s got their wires crossed?
    – Assume the plan announced earlier this year to reduce British troops in Iraq down to 3,500 will be quietly shelved.
    – And lastly, can you believe anyone going into action on possibly a suicide mission would leave their name and address in the bomb backpack? Hard to believe the bombers were that careless. Or were they just asked to drop off the backpacks; and that’s why the weight had to be kept down.
    Good planning, poor execution: Or did it go to plan and dead patsies were left to take the blame so the authorities could stop looking for the real perpetrators?
    Don’t get bogged down on the Grassy Knoll. Consider who stood to benefit. Or you could always follow the money.
    I’m starting to smell a rat, or rather a false flag.

  3. The bombers were Muslim Brirtish: Musilim, and British citizen. Now it seems fewer people can criticize Huntington’s.

  4. Andrew: I try to stay away from thinking about conspiracy theories since all they do is confirm my prejudices.

    Kianoush: Huntington’s “Clash of Civilizations” has a lot more flaws than can be looked over due to the London bombs.

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